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Windsor Warranty

Roadside Assistance

Definition of 24 hour roadside assistance

Once a call for assistance is received, our service provider will be dispatched to assist with the following roadside services.

  1. Flat Tyre. The Caravan’s roadworthy spare tyre will be fitted. The cost of the service is covered up to $165.00 including GST (excludes any repair costs, replacement tyres, valves, tubes etc).
  2. Lockout /Lost Keys: Gain emergency access to the Caravan: Arrange for the client to obtain the spare key if applicable. The cost of the service is covered up to $165.00 including GST (excludes any repair costs and key cutting).
  3. Emergency Towing – Mechanical Breakdown: The Caravan will be transported to the nearest suitable repairer. The cost of the service is covered up to $1,000.00 including GST per breakdown (excludes any repair costs, additional towing. Refer to general exclusions).

Extras Cover

Emergency Accommodation: Assistance with emergency accommodation while the Caravan is being repaired. Initially paid in full by the client, client may then claim for reimbursement of up to $400.00 inc. GST for accommodation costs (excludes meals etc).

General Assistance

We will relay urgent messages to family, friends and business associates, likely to be concerned by disruption or delay. Arrangements for alternative transport in the case of a major breakdown will be made at driver’s expense (ie: taxi).


Free service will only be provided on private property or on public roads which are accessible by normal two wheel drive vehicles. Call Outs will not be provided where the caravans are “off-road” (including but not limited to where the caravan is located on forestry or logging tracks, creek beds, beaches or mountains).

Service can be refused in the following situations:

  • Commercial use of caravan;
  • Unregistered caravans;
  • Caravans deemed not to be roadworthy or non-compliant with the relevant Australian Design Rules;
  • Caravans permanently located on public or private holiday parks or camp sites;
  • Caravans already at repairers;
  • Where the use of specialised equipment may be required for extraction/recovery.
  • Caravans involved in accidents.
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